#1StudentNWI: Andrean 59ers stay active while anxiously awaiting summer’s arrival

#1StudentNWI: Andrean 59ers stay active while anxiously awaiting summer’s arrival

What’s recently happened?

As the school year comes to a close and summer is on the horizon, Andrean High School (AHS) has been staying busy. The final month of the school year can be rather stressful, so AHS is filling the home-stretch with tons of fun activities. 

When the rare solar eclipse occurred on April 8, AHS didn’t waste the opportunity to make it a memorable experience. AHS students were lucky enough to go out onto the football field and view the eclipse with 95% totality. The eclipse was turned into an all afternoon event. After the viewing, students spent time playing games and getting well-needed time outdoors. 

April was filled with success from AHS’ spring sports. Between softball, baseball, Boys Volleyball, tennis, and track and field, AHS athletes have been bringing in wins all around. Some special teams to keep your eyes on are Girls Varsity Softball and Boys Volleyball. With a record of 14-4, the 59ers softball team has been fighting and beating the majority of the fierce competition coming its way. The team, packed with talent, is ranked 14th in the state of Indiana. 

While softball is thriving outdoors, Boys Volleyball is conquering the courts indoors with an overall record of 20-9. After the Indiana High School Athletic Association approved the sport in 2022, AHS had boys all over the school inquiring about creating a volleyball team. These boys are not disappointing AHS. They continue to impress 59er fans with a conference record of 17-7. It is safe to say it is hard to dig up the spikes these boys are putting down. 

AHS is a place where there is truly something for everyone. As AHS athletics thrive in their spotlight, the amazing Andrean Theatre Company shines in the literal spotlight. This April, Thespian Troupe #8002 put on its spring show: “Mean Girls.” The talented artists, musicians, and actors put on a wonderful show from April 27-29. If given the opportunity, all theatre enthusiasts must get a look at these budding stars AHS is producing. 

AHS students constantly work hard, so this first week of May, they got to take a little break and let loose.

Starting on Friday, May 3, AHS celebrated its annual Armageddon. Armageddon is AHS’ field day, where students get to spend all day in class versus class competition. The day of fun started with a relay race where representatives from each grade faced the test of time, speed, and agility in an attempt to win points for their class. The rest of the day, students were free to do any of the sports they wanted. They could choose to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, cornhole, and/or soccer. To close out the day, there was a school wide game of dodgeball. After tallying the points, the AHS Senior Class took home the Armageddon win.

After a day of exercise and outdoor fun, the 59ers took to the dancefloor on Saturday, May 4, for Prom. Showing up and showing out in all their finest attire, it is safe to say AHS students cleaned up well. A night full of music, laughter, and some pretty good tacos brought the AHS juniors and seniors together. 

As everyone danced their hearts out, there was still one thing on their minds – who would be the 2024 Prom King and Queen? An extraordinarily talented and well-deserving court was presented, but there could only be one King and Queen. This year, AHS’ King was Senior Chris Marlow and the Queen was Senior Kate Dainton!

What’s coming up? 

As the 2023-2024 school year comes to an end, students are anxiously awaiting summer. With a few weeks still to go, AHS has some things to mark off the agenda.

Coming up, students will be taking AP and final tests to display all they've learned this year from AHS’ wonderful teachers.  

On a little bit of a more fun note, all of the spring sports teams will be starting their post-season runs soon, so if you’d like to show your 59er Pride, come out and support all of AHS’ teams as they do what AHS does best – win! 

Lastly, most seniors are looking forward to graduation. At the end of this month, students will have to say goodbye to the current role models of AHS, and the juniors will have to step up and take their place.

Staff spotlight: 

As AHS says goodbye to its bright seniors, another member of the AHS family will be graduating and leaving as well.

Liv “Sensei” Sensenbrenner, the AHS Campus Minister, will be going back to her home in Louisiana. AHS was blessed to have Sensenbrenner as a model of faith and kindness. 

Sensenbrenner had a very unique journey to becoming a 59er. She went to the Catholic University of America in Washington DC, and during her time there, she fell in love with ministry and leadership and decided to study theology. During her senior year of college, she got an email that she had been nominated for the Echo program. This program would allow her to serve as a leader in Catholic schools through the help of the University of Notre Dame. 

“I’ll be honest, I just never received the no from God that I shouldn't do the program,” Sensenbrenner said. 

Sensenbrenner would be placed in a school as either a theology teacher or a campus minister, and she said she would have preferred to be a campus minister. When she got placed at AHS as the campus minister, she knew it was through the help of God. 

“I feel like if the people at this school realized their potential and the gifts that the Lord gave them, it would be one of the greatest schools in the nation,” Sensenbrenner said. “I think this is an incredible place, and I love the staff here. They have been very good and welcoming to me, and I think more than anything, I do find that AHS is a place of joy.” 

To know Sensenbrenner is to love her. She brings so much joy and spirit to AHS. She has made a visible impact on AHS just with her presence. She works day and night to provide students with the opportunity to get closer to God and has truly made her classroom a safe place for anyone and everyone. 

Student spotlight: 

Junior Meg Moberly, AHS’ very own star, portrayed the role of Regina George in the school’s rendition of “Mean Girls.” 

Moberly has been a member of the AHS theatre program since her freshman year. She has starred in many roles in plays such as “Charlie Brown,” “The Addams Family,” “The Crucible” and “Cinderella.” As if memorizing lines and portraying her characters perfectly wasn’t enough, Moberly is a member of the AHS Student Council, National Honors Society, tennis team, and track team. 

Although Moberly is a shining star on the AHS stage, she remains very community-oriented. Moberly adores the school’s tight-knit atmosphere and feels the togetherness that it radiates. 

“One of the things I value a lot about AHS is that, while grades and academics are obviously important, AHS also helps you in figuring out your place in the world, what kind of person you want to be, and how you want to treat others,” Moberly said. 

Moberly displays a deep love and appreciation for the theatre community. She works so hard to embody her roles, and while she does an outstanding job, she says she can’t do it without the support of her wonderful crew and castmates. 

Moberly is a prime example of the talent AHS nourishes. She radiates on the 59er’s stage along with the rest of the theater crew. If you have the chance to see Moberly or any of the 59ers involved in theater, passing it up would be a mistake. They are filled with such talent and grace.