A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Larry Evans

A Valpo Life in the Spotlight: Larry Evans

Larry Evans is a partner at Hoeppner Wagner & Evans, a law firm in the Region. The firm’s primary headquarters is located in Valparaiso, but it also has an office in Merrillville. While he works in Valpo now, Evans was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. 

Being a lawyer is all Evans ever wanted to do from the time he was in high school. He took aptitude tests that indicated he’d succeed in the field, and shows like “Perry Mason” inspired him. He’s never sought to do anything else and has dedicated himself to his vocational calling for decades. 

“I'm so grateful that I was able to pick what I wanted to do at the beginning and never change my mind,” he said. 

Evans has a complex job in practicing law. He primarily deals with litigation, which entails cases that go to court and involve disputes between two parties. In other words, he’s there when matters take people to trials. He deals with all kinds of litigation including commercial litigation. After serving for over 50 years, he’s nailed down some of the more favorable elements of his job. 

“I have a great opportunity to help people. I try every day as best as I can for each person that I represent because the court system is very complicated. I enjoy helping people through it,” he said. 

Every day in the office is different from the last for Evans. The fact that he never knows what to expect keeps him engaged and excited about the work he does. There are countless tasks that must be completed, and laboring through them culminates in daily satisfaction. 

“You’re usually dealing with a lot of emails, phone calls, legal writing, and legal research, so nothing is the same. I like what I do so much because it’s unpredictable, and collaborating with wonderful clients and wonderful colleagues is typical but always differs by the day,” he said. 

Evans’ work is rooted in Greek, Roman, and English traditions. He’s part of a long-standing profession, so he continues to honor every one of the statutes that he’s learned more and more about through years of experience. The ins and outs of the litigation world have been explained to him by great mentors, all of whom taught him that the practice of law is constantly developing and taking on new forms. 

In his free time, Evans likes to write. At one time, he used to write columns, and he regularly keeps up with the composition of his own novels and stories. He has run numerous marathons and half-marathons in his life. Members of Evans’ family are located all over the country. He has some on both the East Coast and West Coast—even nearby in Fort Wayne. He visits with them normally. The maintenance of a healthy work-life balance is something he consistently prioritizes. 

“Staying in good shape, watching what you eat, and having an upbeat attitude help all the time. Anything that makes you happy and makes you laugh is great for stress relief,” he said. 

Evans once hosted two television shows locally. One aired on the PBS station in Merrillville. It was called “Indy Now” and featured interviews with local leaders, politicians, government officials, senators, and the like. The other was based in Valpo and did much the same, except it usually featured accomplished citizens, such as authors, living in Northwest Indiana.  

As he lives and works in Valparaiso even today, Evans has come to realize that the city has so much to offer. He’s been blessed by its promises and assets as they have opened his eyes to the richness of everything that’s always been so close to him. 

“Valpo’s a great community. It’s a small town, but there’s so much to do. I like being in a community where there’s a university. It’s a growing community and a great place to live and raise your kids,” he said. “It’s close enough to Chicago, but not too close. I see it as a wonderful community.”