Beachwalk Vacation Rentals offers community members the perfect home away from home

Beachwalk Vacation Rentals offers community members the perfect home away from home

On a sunny day, everyone in Northwest Indiana knows the Dunes and the beaches of Lake Michigan are some of the perfect places to be, but what many people may not realize is that they can enjoy so much more than just a nice afternoon getaway. Thanks to Beachwalk Vacation Rentals and its wide variety of rental homes, community members can have an unforgettable staycation and enjoy days of endless fun.

Beachwalk Vacation Rentals was established in 1993 and has since become one of the largest and most accessible property management companies within Michigan City’s Beachwalk Resort. Out of the 200 colorful homes within Michigan City’s Beachwalk Resort, Beachwalk Vacation Rentals manages 90.

Beachwalk Vacation Rentals also manages countless unique homes along Lake Michigan in cities such as Chesterton, LaPorte, Michigan City, Portage, and New Buffalo. No matter where someone is looking to get away for the weekend, Beachwalk Vacation Rentals has them covered.

When a guest stays at a Beachwalk Vacation Rental home, they receive nothing short of luxury. The Beachwalk Resort is based on the Seaside Resort in Florida, a resort packed with beachfront houses painted in all kinds of bright colors. Some of Beachwalk Vacation Rentals’ homes are exact replicas of the candy-colored houses at Seaside.

“It’s really a hidden gem. There are so many local people who don’t know about the resort and when they stumble into it, they’re suddenly surrounded by this magical, ‘Candyland’ neighborhood that literally makes you feel like you’re in another world. It feels like you’re in Florida at the beach somewhere in a tropical location, but in reality, you’re only an hour from downtown Chicago. There’s nothing else like it – there’s no other resort like this in Indiana,” said Executive General Manager of Beachwalk Vacation Rentals Erin Harrell.

At Beachwalk Resort, there are a multitude of things to keep the family entertained. The resort features a gorgeous pool, a splash pad, and a kiddy pool for toddlers. There are also basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, a putting green, walking trails, bocce ball courts, and pickleball courts.

Not to be overlooked is Lake Kai, a private lake that is stocked with all kinds of fish where guests can go fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Guests are also mere steps away from Lake Michigan – most of the rental homes come with their very own golf cart so people can drive to and from the beach as much as they please. When you stay at the resort, you can’t help but smile.

“When you drive through the resort, all you can see is pure happiness. There are people smiling, people riding around on golf carts, kids running around laughing in bathing suits – it’s just a really special place,” said NWI Development Group Director of Operations and Asset Manager Sharon Harte.

What really makes Beachwalk Vacation Rentals stand apart, though, is its commitment to its guests. Beachwalk Vacation Rentals is the only on-site vacation rental company within the resort. That means that the Beachwalk team has its very own building that is open every day so they can assist guests right away. Guests can even go there to check in to their rentals rather than do it online.

“It’s the same as when you go and check in at a hotel – people come and check in to their rental homes with us. That way, if you have questions, it’s super easy to just come and ask us. There are other people that manage houses within the resort, but they’re not on-site to help guests, and that just makes us so much more convenient,” said Harte.

As if the physical office location weren’t enough, the Beachwalk Vacation Rentals team strives to accommodate guests in whatever ways they possibly can. Whether it's helping a guest find a property with a first-floor bedroom for grandma or recommending rentals with a plethora of bunk beds for the kids during a big family reunion, Beachwalk Vacation Rentals is always looking for ways to help its guests find their perfect home-away-from-home.  

Right now, guests from Chicago and Indianapolis are Beachwalk Vacation Rentals’ biggest markets, but the team would love for more local community members to come out and enjoy the paradise that is literally right in their backyard. It doesn’t even have to be during the summer months either – Beachwalk Resort is open year-round, which makes it a wonderful place to hold Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings for larger families looking to get away.

“You can totally be a local and have a staycation here. I only live 20 minutes from here, and I can’t wait to bring my kids and stay for a weekend because being on the resort truly does make you feel like you’re in a completely different place. It’s a great way to have a fun vacation without spending the money for a plane ticket,” said Harrell.

So, the next time you’re planning your next couples’ getaway or family reunion, keep Beachwalk Vacation Rentals in mind because there’s nothing better than getting away, than getting away in the comfort of your own community.  

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