Five tips to protect your home against an insect invasion

Five tips to protect your home against an insect invasion

Summertime in humid Northwest Indiana proves one thing at least: bugs don’t know anything about social distancing. While summer is a great time for people to spend time outside, it’s also a great time for bugs to spend far too long buzzing and crawling in our personal space. Here are some tips from MasterTech Pest Control on controlling critters this summer.

Keep it Clean

While one of the most apparent problem areas when it comes to bugs in the home are the kitchen and the pantry, bugs can show up in other rooms, too. Yes, you should sweep in the kitchen and take out the trash on a regular basis, but do not neglect the bathroom. Bugs like to hang out by the sink and shower drains, and can find their way into light fixtures and enclosed spaces within the bathroom. It is also important to vacuum every room in the house, especially in rooms where you eat meals. Essentially, areas where you have food, water, pipes, or appliances should be cleaned routinely.

Watch for Water

Bugs have to drink, so any location that has water can post as breeding grounds for insects. They tend to take shelter in the basement due to the damp atmosphere, especially if that is where the washer and dryer are kept. According to Ortho, a good way to protect against moisture in the basement is to keep a dehumidifier. Spiders also like to spin their webs in basements because of the dense bug population. If you have several spider webs in your basement, you can be sure that there are other insects as well. Sopping up standing water in the bathroom, by the washers and dryers, and even outside the home can prevent insects from thriving. 

Close up Cracks

Master Tech Pest Control recommends closing up any cracks you may have outside the house. This can include checking the foundation, fixing the siding, and sealing openings in windows and doors. Outdoor utilities such as airconditioning units should also be sealed to block out bugs. Homeowners should seal openings within their garages and basement as those are common entry points. Preventive measures like these will make extermination within the home more manageable.

Protect with Plants

While certain plants can deter bugs from biting, there are also plants that discourage bugs from settling in the home. Good Earth Plants lists several indoor plants that will reduce the number of bugs in your house. Such plants include citronella, catnip, jade plants, Venus flytraps, and sansevieria. While these and other indoor plants do protect against bugs, some can also be dangerous if you have children or pets. Be sure to consider a plant’s toxicity to your kids and furry friends before purchasing. 

Meet with Master Tech Pest Control

If insects in or outside your home are proving to be a challenge beyond your expertise, call Master Tech Pest Control at 219-476-7007 for a free estimate. These professionals are ready to take on your insect invasion.