Latitude Commercial offers comprehensive Landlord Representation for Region property owners

Latitude Commercial offers comprehensive Landlord Representation for Region property owners

Commercial real estate property is an incredibly valuable asset, one that can bring great returns for property owners if handled right. To make the most out of their properties, many commercial landlords around the Region turn to Latitude Commercial, a full-service commercial real estate firm that offers professional landlord representation.

Latitude’s landlord representation service offers a comprehensive approach to marketing, negotiating, and securing tenants for commercial properties of all kinds – from retail to industrial. Latitude’s team leverages decades of combined experience, the latest tools and technologies, and carefully refined strategies to produce results for its clients and maximize the value of each property entrusted to its care.

“We’re here to help property owners, even if they’re starting with a fresh plot of land,” said Brett McDermott, co-founder and senior vice president of Latitude. “We can pre-lease that land, represent you all the way from construction to delivering a building to the tenant, and even carry on to handle property management.”

As landlord representatives, Latitude’s core goal is to ensure its clients get the best possible return on investment for their properties. The keys to accomplishing that are filling more vacancies, drawing more eyes to the property, and ensuring every tenant is reliable and financially stable.

“A big part of our job is making sure that we’re finding our clients' quality tenants,” Brett McDermott said. “We’ll run background checks, analyze financials, and ensure that we’re providing a landlord as much information as possible to help them make the best decisions they can. We do as much as we can upfront to make sure our landlords are protected.”

Latitude’s experience in the Region and extensive network of contacts ensures that its clients’ properties are well-marketed and visible to the high-quality tenants that will best fit each vacancy. It also utilizes tools and tracking systems to help craft strong strategies for clients.

“We just acquired a new tool that tells us how many visitors a site gets a year,” Brett McDermott noted. “Using that, we can see that the Wal-Mart next to our client gets 2 million visitors a month and that the pizza place across the street is the top-ranked pizza place in Indiana in terms of visitors. With that data, we can advise our client that their property would be a good fit for a pizza shop.”

Operating as a full-service firm also equips Latitude with the knowledge and experience to advise its clients on how to optimize their expenses.

“There’s a lot of information that we couldn’t attain without, for example, our property management team,” explained Aaron McDermott, co-founder and president of Latitude. “With our experience in that field, we can calculate operating expenses and project those forward, see what a lot costs to landscape or snowplow, or what taxes and insurance rates look like for a given building. Combine that with our experience as brokers and knowledge of the market, and we bring a unique toolset to our clients.”

Because of Latitude’s experience with property management in various commercial industries, it is also equipped to take on day-to-day responsibilities for the landlords it represents.

“A lot of our clients trust us to do everything for them,” Brett McDermott said. “We’re collecting rent, putting defaults out to tenants, handling all the day-to-day management. With our services covering everything from leasing to property management, there’s just a comfort level with our clients where they trust us to make the right decisions.”

Latitude also understands that every client is different – and takes on as much or as little as each landlord prefers.

“Every situation is different,” said Aaron McDermott. “Some landlords are really passionate about what they do and want to stay involved, and we’re the same. We work closely with our clients and love what we do, so we take care of properties like they’re our own. Property owners trust us to do right by them.”

Aaron McDermott noted that he and his team take a lot of pride in the long-term relationships they’ve established with clients and the strong reputation they’ve built for doing right by commercial landlords around the Region.

“You leave your family for the day to come to the office, and the people in the office and our clientele make it a lot more fun to come into work,” he said. “At the end of the day, when a client first comes to us, they’re looking to solve a problem – they have a vacancy to fill, a building to sell – and they’re looking to us for guidance. It’s so rewarding to solve those problems and then see clients keep coming back because we’ve earned their trust.”

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