Randi Light helps athletes, performers come out on top through Peak Performance sessions

Randi Light helps athletes, performers come out on top through Peak Performance sessions

To help athletes and performers achieve a strong, positive mindset for success both on and off the field, Peak Performance Coach, Hypnosis Instructor, and Healer Randi Light of Enlightened Living Hypnosis Academy invites them to participate in Peak Performance for life-changing results. 

“It assists athletes in understanding how to utilize their mind for success,” Light said. “I teach my athletes and performers how to get into the zone—that flow state, the ideal performance state.”

By achieving Peak Performance, performers of all kinds are able to reach a state of being that allows them to become their best selves, overcoming anxiety and nerves to take on any task and come out right on top.  

“It’s the very best for yourself, whether you're an athlete, in business, or want to perform in some way, such as public speaking, singing, or playing guitar,” Light said. “When you're performing and you have the Peak Performance tips and the techniques, you get to be the best version of yourself.” 

Light encourages athletes of all ages to sign up for Peak Performance sessions. Whether you’re new to the game and just starting out at the elementary level, a college-level pro gearing up for a big tournament, or anywhere in between, Peak Performance can be a game-changing tool at any point along the way. The earlier one starts the process, the sooner the positive results can take effect and begin making an impact in the athlete’s life. 

“When I get young athletes to come, they get tools, techniques, and strategies that they can use right now in athletic performance and in their personal life,” Light said. “These can be used in all areas of their life for the rest of their life.”

Sessions are available for individuals and groups, and each comes equipped with a quality toolkit to help performers reach their best potential. In addition to specialized coaching, participants will also receive a success manual to work through and have access to specialized hypnosis and audio recordings of each session they spend with Light.

“These experiences and exercises demonstrate how mentally rehearsing and practicing can do amazing things,” Light said. “There's so much research backing up that practicing in your mind, mentally rehearsing in your mind, grows almost as many neurons in the brain and in the muscles as physically practicing.”

Over the years, Light has helped numerous teams, coaches, and individual athletes—such as the Valparaiso High School gymnastics team, wrestling teams, and volleyball teams—reach Peak Performance, and the results never cease to amaze her every time.

“One 15-year-old diver, after doing one mental training session with me, told me she completed two goals by getting her best diving score and her best dive. Another shaved two seconds off a 50-meter swim at the State meet after a phone session,” Light said. “I had a batter when he was 13 whose batting average went from .300 to .700. I've had runners not being able to run because they would get into panic attacks or have these physiological issues, and we help clear that and help them do better. I had a Valpo swimmer who had to shave off 16 seconds to get his varsity letter, and he did.”

Chris Van Eekeren has worked with Light for many years now on Peak Performance, first coming to Light’s sessions when he was a freshman in high school to overcome nerves and gain control on the field. It didn’t take long for the sessions to take effect, and VanEekeren was able to master his skill to eventually compete at the collegiate level as a kicker on Purdue University’s football team. 

After his first couple sessions with Light, Van Eekeren quickly noticed improvement on the football field. The results not only inspired him to continue working on Peak Performance with Light but also made him realize he has the confidence to achieve both his athletic and personal goals. Shortly thereafter, his fears and anxieties were nothing more than a distant memory to look back on in the rearview mirror.

Even now, he considers Light a valuable resource, and even more so a close friend, to reach out to whenever he needs an extra boost of confidence to fully get his head into the game.

“Working with Randi has given me a circle of power and has made it possible for me to go into a game-time situation with 100,000 people screaming at me, cheering me on. You're the one out there, and you have to go out there and perform,” Van Eekeren said. “Randi helped me be controlled out there and not be nervous. I’ve been able to be in the moment and be in the now, and it's helped me tremendously throughout my career. I can't thank her enough.”

More information on Light’s work in Peak Performance can be found in her book “How To Enhance Your Peak Performance Methods For Outstanding Results,” where she gives exclusive insight for other hypnotherapists to utilize the techniques, strategies, and mental toughness tips as they work with their athletes.

To get started on reaching your Peak Performance, visit Light’s website here to schedule your first session today.