Transit Development District of Munster builds framework for future

Transit Development District of Munster builds framework for future

With help from Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA), the Town of Munster is working to make the transit development district a safe, convenient, and attractive area. Munster’s Town Manager, Dustin Anderson, knows that investing in the transit development district–along with positive qualities such as low property taxes, accessibility, public safety, and great schools–will attract developers and help Munster thrive.

In light of these qualities, Northwest Indiana RDA Director of Communications David Wellman shared that Northwest Indiana RDA is committed to working on the transit development district alongside the Town of Munster.

“Munster has been a fantastic community to work with,” Wellman said. “When we first approached them, the timing turned out to be excellent as they were in the process of revamping their zoning codes. They invited us to contribute to that effort. That helped us a great deal in terms of understanding where the town was looking for development, what kind of development they wanted, and how the West Lake project could facilitate that.”

While the transit development district process is still new, Anderson can see how it will build a framework for the future of Munster. He shared that the Town of Munster is being patient and selective in looking for the right developers to lay claim to the transit development district.

“We’re deliberative, and we do things the right way,” Anderson said. “There are some partners who look like they might be viable partnerships, such as the Lansing Country Club.”

One major project that is in the works for Munster is the implementation of the Calumet-Ridge

Streetscape Plan. The Town of Munster received a $17.4 million-dollar raise grant from the Department of Transportation for this streetscape plan that will enable the implementation of fewer travel lanes, additional/improved walkways, sustainable landscaping, and relocation of utilities. 

“We’re going to change Ridge Road from a place you drive through to a place you drive to,” Anderson said. “Businesses where projects like this have happened nationwide have seen increased sales and communities have seen increased investment from those businesses from the business owners. We’ll see an environment where people are comfortable walking and riding their bike and being outside. That’s good for the train, for the businesses, and for the community. That’s huge for our transit development district.”

In addition to the immediate improvement this will bring to existing businesses, the streetscape plan will also attract partners for new developments. 

“There is already a great deal of developer interest around both the Ridge Road and Main Street stations,” Wellman said. “The transit development districts give Munster the option of bringing the RDA in to help on projects as they feel is appropriate. We are another option in their economic development toolbox and we are looking forward to helping them grow.”

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